Turquoise Jewelry Rescue

#handmade with love for the most amazing musician, Nicole Rosales from some old necklaces she was no longer wearing. Three separate necklaces made with #sterlingsilver and #turquoise. Each strand is accented with its own #unique gemstone. One is made with #garnet, one with #pyrite and the third with #chrysoprase. The necklaces have extender chains so the can be worn layered as shown or bundled at the same length. The bracelet is three strands that compliment the necklaces and the earrings are a whimsical dangle of all of the precious stones used. #art #beautiful #chic #custom #design #elegant #funky #fabulous #jewelry #original #pretty #stunning #unique #localartist #createdbyangelaperez #reuse #recycle #renew



Blue and Purple Agate

This set is Blue and Purple Agate with Sterling Silver findings and Swarovski Crystals.  Necklace Measures 17″ and has a Crystal clasp.  Earrings are also Sterling Silver.  This looks amazing with your best summer outfits! Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings $105

Blue  & Purple Agate

Garden Club Gifts

A dear friend of mine is in her last term as president of a local garden club.  She wanted to give members a thoughtful (affordable) parting gift. She thought going with necklaces reflecting their birthstones would be lovely. Here are the results.  This was a tremendous honor.

Garden Club Gifts

Left to right, Pearls and Alexandrite for June, for December Turquoise which we floated with silver accents, Garnet toned beads for January, and for September we used a Sapphire colored stone.

Garden Club Gifts 2

Left to right:  Here is another December necklace this time with Turquoise and Tiger Eye, for Diamonds we used a shiny AB Chrystal, Aventurine for the Taurus and one of 3 Aquamarine for the March birthdays.

Garden Club Gifts 3

Left to right, More Aquamarine with silver and purple accents, another Crystal Necklace with silver accents for the Diamond birthday, and our last Aquamarine with Labradorite and Iolite accents.

Eye of the Tiger!

I love Tiger’s Eye, it is one of my favorite gemstones, not just because it is the stone of my Capricorn people, but it is so beautiful.  Tiger’s Eye has long since been hailed for it’s powers; it is purported to have the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Check!  But the real reason I love it is……It is pretty, beautiful; in fact.  The luster of the stone is accentuated by the silky fibers that run through it creating a depth unlike most other gemstones.  It comes in different colors that all have a unique appearance.

Here is a design of blue, red and yellow Tiger’s Eye, it is accentuated with Sterling Silver beads and findings.  The Blue Tiger’s Eye is a round cut, the Yellow Tiger’s Eye is disc cut and the Red Tiger’s Eye is a hexagon cut.  The different shapes of these stones really add to the texture and depth of the design.  This is a rich, luxurious look that can go with your favorite suit, cocktail dress or jeans and a T-shirt.  The necklace is adjustable 18-20″, the bracelet is adjustable 7-8″ and the chandelier earrings are Sterling Silver.

eye of the tiger


More Fun With Leather!


Spring is in the air and this prêt-àporter cloisonné garden is the perfect start!  Three strands of hand knotted leather with cloisonné flowers and butterflies accented with crystals, with matching bracelet and leaf earrings. Necklace measures 18-21″ and the bracelet measures 7 1/2″.  This is beautiful fresh look that brightens up any suit, flatters your favorite spring dress or just freshens up your favorite t-shirt and jeans.  Lightweight, versatile, and easy to wear

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Hello There,

I have spent hours today with a logo that was designed for me by PaperCloudStudios.com (fantastically spirited & creative graphic design firm).  I had no idea what goes into logo sizing and placement.  With logo in hand I wanted to size it and post it myself on all of my social media; I feel strongly about having the ability to design, update and manage my website, blog and other social media.

That being said, who knew how long it took to properly size and space things.  What is perfectly centered as a photo on one site is not even close on another.  To me it is well worth the effort and I am still excited about my new endeavor.

And now I have a brand new appreciation for what I look at on other peoples pages, whether they do it themselves or have someone do it for them, I know that someone took great care and effort to get these pages “just so”.  For those of you who are professional at web and graphic design I appreciate you paving the way for people like me who are stumbling through it.   And for those of you out there like me who are still stumbling through it, I applaud your patience and bravery!




Carnelian Coral Rescue


carnelian coral before      carnelian  carnelian coral after

This is my favorite rescue.  This was brought to me as two necklaces, one woven coral necklace and a carnelian charm on a macramé necklace.  Separately, these necklaces sat in a jewelry box unworn, they were a bit unrefined but full of sentimental value to the owner, the coral necklace was a gift from her aunt, and the carnelian was a gift from her mother.  She thought these would work well together, but was unsure what could be done.  We took the coral necklace and replaced the clasp with brass caps, an new clasp and a chain that offers the wearer versatility in length.  The carnelian flower was added to a large, carved brass bale that slips nicely over the coral necklace, leaving the wearer the option to wear the necklace with or without the charm or to wear the charm on another necklace.  The end result is a refined piece that no longer sits in a jewelry box unworn, it is now a piece she wears with pride.

The reason this is my favorite rescue is; the owner is my cousin, and the two amazing ladies that gave her these necklaces were my aunts, they have both passed and I miss them.  It was the greatest joy to honor them both with this project.

Recycle, reuse, renew & rescue!


Hello There!

Welcome to CreatedbyAngelaPerez.com!  Happy 2014 to all.  I hope this year brings great hope and joy to you and yours.  The site has been changed to better serve you.  You will now have the opportunity to Like, Share and Pin posts as well as leave comments and feedback.  I look so forward to working with you.  Be excited about who you are this year and celebrate it!

I am excited about this year and getting this new dynamic site up and running.