Carnelian Coral Rescue


carnelian coral before      carnelian  carnelian coral after

This is my favorite rescue.  This was brought to me as two necklaces, one woven coral necklace and a carnelian charm on a macramé necklace.  Separately, these necklaces sat in a jewelry box unworn, they were a bit unrefined but full of sentimental value to the owner, the coral necklace was a gift from her aunt, and the carnelian was a gift from her mother.  She thought these would work well together, but was unsure what could be done.  We took the coral necklace and replaced the clasp with brass caps, an new clasp and a chain that offers the wearer versatility in length.  The carnelian flower was added to a large, carved brass bale that slips nicely over the coral necklace, leaving the wearer the option to wear the necklace with or without the charm or to wear the charm on another necklace.  The end result is a refined piece that no longer sits in a jewelry box unworn, it is now a piece she wears with pride.

The reason this is my favorite rescue is; the owner is my cousin, and the two amazing ladies that gave her these necklaces were my aunts, they have both passed and I miss them.  It was the greatest joy to honor them both with this project.

Recycle, reuse, renew & rescue!