More Amethyst

Made for the director of the San Antonio and South Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Assocition. 5 strands of amethyst beads that are graduated in color and accented with a druzy pendant. Made with sterling silver findings and measures 17-19″. One of the strands can be unhooked so the pendant can be changed out.

The convertable necklace


This super versatile #necklace measures 60″ inches. It can be worn several ways as shown here. It is shown here made with #freshwaterpearls and #labradorite, it is accented with #sterlingsilver findings and has matching #earrings and a #bracelet. This can be #custom #designed for you in a variety of colors and #gemstones. A complete set starts at $145. Email to order. 10% of sales are donated to #alzheimersassociation #madeinsanantonio #madebyhand #original #unique #beautiful #elegant #jewelry  #gift #freeshippingusa #createdbyangelaperez

Spring Cleaning Time!

Time to clean out those drawers and do something with those beads you aren’t using. My cousin handed me this box of stuff she was never going to use. Shown here are 2 necklaces that I made from what was in the box. They can be worn separately or together as shown. I added some #sterlingsilver findings to dress it up and now this box of beads is something she can proudly wear. Do you have a box like this? Let me turn it into something beautiful for you to wear. #recycle #rescue #reuse #renew Email for more information.
10% of sales are donated to #alzheimersassociation #madeinsanantonio #madebyhand #original #beautiful #elegant #unique #gift #freeshippingusa #createdbyangelaperez
mary rescue

Pretty Pearls

Pretty Pearls

Perfect for fall! This #luxurious, 5 strand freshwater #pearl necklace is shown in an iridescent deep blue. It can also be done in pinks, blues, purples, deep brown, lighter browns, natural and other colors. It extends from 26-30″, has all #sterlingsilver findings and a 4″ extender chain. It is complimented with a 7″ 4 strand bracelet and a simple drop earring. Set as shown is $175. 15% off if ordered by October 31st. Each set is #handmade and made #unique by using different sizes and shapes of pearls. email to order.

Mosaic Turquoise

Mosaic Turquoise


On the left is a string of #mosaic #turquoise my husband and I picked up on our recent vacation. On the right is my wearable #keepsake that I created to commemorate our vacation. I mixed in #hematite, carved beads and faceted #magnesite. The #necklace measures 24″ and has a #sterlingsilver toggle. The #bracelet is 3 strands on a sterlingsilver chain with a lobster clasp. The #earrings are a simple magnesite drop.
I love doing this kind of #jewelryrescue, do you have any items that remind you of a special trip or event? If you aren’t wearing them, let’s get together and #design a wearable keepsake of your own. Email for more details.


Blue and Purple Agate

This set is Blue and Purple Agate with Sterling Silver findings and Swarovski Crystals.  Necklace Measures 17″ and has a Crystal clasp.  Earrings are also Sterling Silver.  This looks amazing with your best summer outfits! Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings $105

Blue  & Purple Agate

Eye of the Tiger!

I love Tiger’s Eye, it is one of my favorite gemstones, not just because it is the stone of my Capricorn people, but it is so beautiful.  Tiger’s Eye has long since been hailed for it’s powers; it is purported to have the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Check!  But the real reason I love it is……It is pretty, beautiful; in fact.  The luster of the stone is accentuated by the silky fibers that run through it creating a depth unlike most other gemstones.  It comes in different colors that all have a unique appearance.

Here is a design of blue, red and yellow Tiger’s Eye, it is accentuated with Sterling Silver beads and findings.  The Blue Tiger’s Eye is a round cut, the Yellow Tiger’s Eye is disc cut and the Red Tiger’s Eye is a hexagon cut.  The different shapes of these stones really add to the texture and depth of the design.  This is a rich, luxurious look that can go with your favorite suit, cocktail dress or jeans and a T-shirt.  The necklace is adjustable 18-20″, the bracelet is adjustable 7-8″ and the chandelier earrings are Sterling Silver.

eye of the tiger


More Fun With Leather!


Spring is in the air and this prêt-àporter cloisonné garden is the perfect start!  Three strands of hand knotted leather with cloisonné flowers and butterflies accented with crystals, with matching bracelet and leaf earrings. Necklace measures 18-21″ and the bracelet measures 7 1/2″.  This is beautiful fresh look that brightens up any suit, flatters your favorite spring dress or just freshens up your favorite t-shirt and jeans.  Lightweight, versatile, and easy to wear